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Our Race Motors range includes vehicles with 1-12 tonne (and up to 14 pallet) capacity. Whatever your budget, cargo, power, comfort, and body requirements, the Scully RSV range is sure to have the vehicle for your needs.

Our refrigerated vans are handcrafted and constructed on site at Archerfield. We use only premium quality materials to ensure thermal efficiency and unmatched quality control. We want your cargo protected and transported – risk-free!

Our vehicles are available for purchase and Short/Long-Term Hire. If you have any questions about our refrigerated van bodies, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Australian owned and built with pride

Race Motors offers fully customisable manufacturing of refrigerated vehicles, using local skilled trades people with a passion for quality craftsmanship. Our refrigerated vans are ‘Built with Pride’, and are handcrafted to ensure maximum reliability and unmatched quality.

1-12 tonne (and up to 14 pallet) capacity utilising Hino, Isuzu or Toyota. Whatever your budget, cargo, power, comfort and/or body requirements, the Race Motors range is sure to have the vehicle for your needs.

Signature Series

Race Motors Signature Series is the ultimate refrigerated vehicle in the industry, and represents more than 30-years experience in building the highest quality trucks. Fully customisable, the Signature Series includes a range of options including;

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Ford Mustang Car for Sale

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